In the summer of 2005 six friends, Mike, Larry, Dave, Michael, Danny and Cody left Sunnyvale, Texas on a 10-day, 3,000-mile journey, their first long ride together. On the second day they rode through the worst rain and thunderstorm in over 50-years in Trinidad, Colorado. While discussing their experience the following day a lady overhearing them said, “you should be called the Soggy Bottom Boys”, and it stuck.

SBB_logoFinal_black_alignleftThe Soggy Bottom Boys have ridden throughout the 48-states and parts of Canada and seen, smelled, tasted and felt all that God has created for us to enjoy, and they did it on motorcycles. In 2006 Steve and Stuart joined the group. Steve, being a non-motorcycle rider followed them in a truck on many rides. In 2012 he had all the cage riding he could stand and bought a Harley Davidson; the same year he turned 60. It had been about 12-years from when Steve was diagnosed with cancer and told he probably had 6-months to live. He is still alive and cancer free today and the Soggy Bottom Boys will now ride to show the world that through cancer research the battle can be won.

In recent years Kelly and Shawn became Soggy Bottom Boys and now all will ride for the Rumble Against Cancer organization and be known as the Rumble Riders. Their mission is to raise awareness of the importance of cancer research and show that through it you can survive and live a very fulfilling life just like Steve.

The Rumble Riders will be leaving Sunnyvale, Texas August 15, 2013 on a 31-day, 10,000+ mile journey and display the Rumble Against Cancer logo on jackets, vests, shirts, helmets, flags and motorcycles. The route will take them to the furthest points of the Continental US. Along the journey the Rumble Riders will be greeted with both cancer survivors as well as supporters of Rumble Against Cancer, U.S. Oncology, Texas Oncology, and many other Cancer Research Organizations. On Tour 2013 the Rumble Riders will have a support vehicle driven by Ricky, who is not only a survivor of cancer but also the older brother of Mike and Larry.

The sound of a group of motorcycles always gets attention. With the thousands of riders throughout the United States joining the Rumble Riders along the journey one can only imagine the how many survivors will get to share their story. Just like sound of a fighter jet flying over, which is called the “Sound of Freedom” the “Rumble” of the motorcycles will show that people do survive from cancer and the importance of the research it takes to make it happen. Rumble on!