Vincent Gladstone

Vincent Gladstone was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1965. The only son of Judy; he spent his early years in Quebec as the apple of his mother and grandparents’ eye. Judy’s move to California when Vince was five years old was the start of an inter-continental childhood. Raised by both mom in Southern California, and Aunt Shirley and Grandparents in Toronto. Vince’s upbringing was grounded in his family’s nurturing of his exceptional artistic ability. Throughout his childhood and into adulthood, Vince has been guided by the love of his family, and his passion for art.

Vince started riding motorcycles in Toronto at the young age of 14. A flat track racer to start, a lifelong love of Harleys followed. After 34 years riding, Vince was involved in a serious crash owed to a distracted driver. His body and spirit proved resilient. With perseverance, Vince overcame two surgeries; a separated collarbone, a dislocated shoulder and a blown out scapula. Just 6 weeks post accident; Vince was a lead rider in the annual Toy Run, a charitable ride in his new hometown of Port Alberni. Two things that Vince can’t be kept from, his motorcycle, and his driving need to help others.

Moving to BC 16 years ago, Vince built his career as a general contractor in the town of Port Alberni. Known as the “Community with a Heart”, Port Alberni offered Vince many opportunities to get involved with charitable endeavors. Vince has been involved with the Toy Run for the past 4 years. He sits on the Board of Directors, and produces the artwork and design for the yearly t-shirt. The event attracts 1200 bikers and raises between forty and eighty thousand dollars “For the Kids” each year!

In 2010, Vince was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of sinus cancer. He credits his loyal German Shepherd, Beau, with alerting him to “something being off”. Initially given a devastating prognosis, Vince beat the cancer using a combination of positive thinking, outstanding medical expertise, and the love and care of family. He celebrated his recovery with a 28 day/ 8000 mi ride through the US in 2014. It was on this fateful ride, on an ordinary day in Yellowstone National Park, that he met the Rumble Riders. He shared his story with them, and a brotherhood was born. In August of 2015, Vince passed the landmark 5-year anniversary of being cancer free. Vince is a survivor….and he’s not ever looking back!

As Vince looks to the future, he is honored to be embarking on a new charitable journey with the Rumble Riders. Vince rides for all those touched by cancer, and looks forward to offering his spirit and his love to those who need an extra fighter in their corner.