Tim Spillman

Tim is a native texan orignally from Mesquite and now lives in Forney with his wife Beth and their 3 dogs. He has a grown son Ted. His son and his wife, Sara, also live in Forney.

Tim has been a law enforcement officer since 1980 and is currently employed by the Kaufman Sheriff’s Office. He retired from the University Park Police Department after 26+ years.

Tim’s first experience with motorcycles was when he was about 9-10 years old. His first bike was a 90cc Yamaha Enduro, oddly enough it was purple! Tim’s first experience with roadbikes was when he managed to sneak his dad’s Gold Wing out. Tim had a couple of Hondas and then finally went to a Harley in 2006 with his first Roadglide. He now ride a 2016 Roadglide.

Tim was introduced to the Rumble Riders while riding with old friends from North Mesquite High and was invited on a couple of rides. The first overnight ride was to Galveston. It was just a natural fit for Tim riding motorcycles with an actual purpose and goal. Tim is looking forward to riding many more miles sharing with people everywhere and hopefully making a difference to those who are in the battle living with cancer and beating cancer.