Michael Moore, Sr

Mike is the Founder and President of Rumble Against Cancer. He is a native Texan, born in 1952 in Dallas and is also a veteran.

In 2001 his wife Susie suggested that if he bought her a baby grand piano he should buy himself a Harley Davidson. He went piano shopping the next day and picked up his 02 Road King, Screamin Eagle shortly thereafter. Two years later Susie suggested he buy another so his friend Dave, who didn’t have a motorcycle, could join him. Mike saw where this was going so they moved to a home with a larger garage and it grew to four Harleys. He and his riding buddies became known as the Soggy Bottom Boys in 2005 due to a severe rain storm they road through in southern Colorado.

Mike is a businessman and co-owner of several companies with his two brothers, son and nephew. He enjoys cookouts at home with family and friends, but his passion is “Riding with a Reason” and leading the Rumble Riders throughout the U.S. and meeting people touched by cancer. Mike has lead motorcycle rides through all 48 continental states and Canada, and traveling to new places on one of his Harleys is filling his bucket list. Susie gives him full support in leading the Rumble Riders, and that just makes his life grand.