Jane Joplin

Jane is originally from Austin, Texas, and has lived in Dallas, Texas area for two years. Jane was an officer for fifteen years. She completed that career as an officer assigned to special operations.

Jane is currently employed over the Physical Security & Safety Department for a major employer in Dallas.

Jane has been riding motorcycles for seven years. She became a part of East Texas Bikers early on when the group first started. She learned about Rumble Against Cancer through close friends that were apart of East Texas Bikers and are “Rumble Riders.” Coming to know more about Rumble Against Cancer, Jane quickly saw that these “Rumble Riders” share in her compassion for others and some, like her, had family and friends personally affected by cancer.

Jane has a sister that has been diagnosed with both invasive Lobular and Ductal Carcinoma and continues her battle today. Cancer is very personal to Jane, thus being a Rumble Rider is an honor as well as a blessing.