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Follow the Rumble Riders on Tour 2014!

The Rumble Riders have departed on Tour 2014. Follow them on the free TrackMy Tour app.

If you have downloaded the app on an iPhone or iPad “don’t” click on MyMaps, this section if for your personal maps. Click on “Public Maps” and you will see a list of tours in progress. This app lists the maps in order by the most recent one that has posted a waypoint, the time or date of last posts is noted with the map name and the app only shows the past few days, this is why you have not seen the “Rumble Tour 2014” map. I just posted a test waypoint and the Rumble Tour 2014 is now on top, but will move down as others post. I will post our beginning waypoint early tomorrow morning so look for our map then. At the bottom of your screen click there are options to view map, post a comment, etc. When you are viewing the map there is a “star” on the top left of the screen, click it and Rumble Tour 2014 will be added to your favorites, so it will be easy to find from the main screen.

Thank you for the support and prayers for the Rumble Riders Mike, Larry, Dave, Joe, Scott and Shawn.

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